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What does a bottle of whiskey sound like after six born musicians have had their way with it? What does rock ‘n’ roll taste like when these same guys blend their passion for Irish folk, steaming Americana and solid rock into a swinging cocktail?

The answer is: LQR, short for Liquor. The label mentions folk rock since 2007. Those who uncork this bottle will taste a unique palette of styles from the entire music history. Traditional craftsmanship fired at you with a nod to folk giants like Flogging Molly and the Pogues. With Irish whiskey, its equivalent from the Scottish Highlands and countless foaming miracles from the Low Countries as other sources of inspiration.

Folk rock and then some

LQR brings up-tempo folk rock with a splash of other fine types of music. A good bottle of LQR is 50% folk rock, 50% gypsy, bluegrass, punk, Americana and pure rock ‘n’ roll. Full throttle, but from the highest gear LQR effortlessly switches back to absolute zero. Unplugged, a spotlight on the mandolin and accordion, a cappella into an acoustic interlude. The audience in awe, the room silent... music at its finest.


Party guaranteed

A LQR show comes with a party warranty. A full house in every pub, the bar staff working overtime, the room going wild and a pleasant pandemonium on stage. Festival grounds with the smell of smoke and beer. The taste of live music.


Ninety minutes at full throttle

The ninety minute set consists largely of single malt brews from their own distillery, the morbid lyrics of former band member Karin Guldemond and frontman Arjan Bogaerts give them a zesty finish. The other gems are thirsty covers of true classics. The sources: Flogging Molly, The Pogues, Gogol Bordello…


Guzzlers or gourmets?

Music will always be number one. Liquor distilled from fermented mash and aged in wooden barrels follows immediately behind. So it’s heavily distilled folk rock from the southern Netherlands. Guzzlers? Don’t worry. Gourmets? Exactly. Audibly so.